I am Barbara Riedel, and I have been living as a digital nomad since 2014. As a travel blogger, I have moved a lot in the last few years, and I am always searching for places to work, information about internet (Wi-Fi or mobile) and so on. That’s why I started a new category on my blog, Barbaralicious, called “digital nomad destinations”. These blog posts contain general information for digital nomads that enable them to have a smooth start in a new country. After a while, I thought something more detailed would be nice. I wrote my first Digital Nomads Guide about my second home town – Palermo. I’ve chosen Canggu for my sixth guide because it’s one of Asia’s hotspots for digital nomads. It’s a perfect place to start out as a nomad and for everyone who is searching for a strong community, great places to work from such as coworking spaces or cafés and the possibility to live with like-minded people in a coliving space or in a villa with other online-entrepreneurs.


Mein Fazit:

Auch wenn ich kein Nomade bin und auch in naher Zukunft nicht plane, einer zu werden: Ich fand den Guide sehr informativ und mit vielen nützlichen Hinweisen gefüllt.


Viel Spaß beim Lesen! Eure Steffi